Pusher Retrofit Pusher Retrofit


AIM spring-loaded product pushers can retrofit any existing retail situation.

  • Compatible with all pack sizes and OTP product packages
  • Retrofits existing fixtures and shelves easily
  • Can be configured as needed - design your own planogram!
  • Smooth, non-binding action allows for single-hand loading

AIM spring-loaded product pusher components:

  • Quad Pusher Tray:
    • Set-width trays fit standard cigarette packs
  • Right-Hand and Left-Hand Single Pushers:
    • Flexible width for Euro cartons and other odd-sized packs
    • Works perfectly with all OTP products
  • Pusher Extension:
    • Increases pusher surface area for effective feeding of extra-large products, like pouch tobacco
  • Side Guide:
    • Works with both right-hand and left-hand single pushers to complete pusher tracks where needed
  • 48” Retainer Strip:
    • Holds pushers in place while allowing left-to-right placement flexibility
    • Attaches to existing shelves with peel-and-stick adhesive tape (included on strip)
    • Can be cut to fit any size shelf
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